Kwaku Azar, Cudjoe renew fight for SALL residents following crucial meeting with elders

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2021-07-02 13:48:16
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The SALL deserve to be represented in parliament, for sure, but shouldn’t be a toothache or headache for the country. The can’t have one leg firmly planted in the Volta Region and another leg firmly planted in the Oti Region.

They definitely do not belong to the Volta Region, as being Guans, they ceased to be part of the Volta Region when Oti Region was created. Best outcome is to be part of the Buem constituency where the rest of their ethnicity already belong. What Azar and Cudjoe are trying to do is to trick the creation of one more additional constituency to bring the total number of parliamentary seats to 276 and gerrymandering one free seat for the NDC.

Best solution would be to annul the Buem parliamentary election, add the SALL to Buem and run the election again. The value will be the same. The NDC would still win the seat and the SALL would have their voice represented by the greater Buem constituency. Kofi Adams is and would still be their MP. The SALL should not be part of Hohoe constituency, as they are not Ewes, but Guans, the first ethnic group to settle in Ghana.

Kwaku Asare and Franklin Cudjoe are just agent provocateurs playing up the emotions of the people of SALL. Stop the mischief wai. Da yie.

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