Kwaku Azar, Cudjoe renew fight for SALL residents following crucial meeting with elders

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Comment: Anim yeboah is the problem

2021-07-02 17:22:04
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Kwaku Azar, Cudjoe renew fight for SALL residents

This issue must be blamed squarely at the head of the person who is occupying the Chief justice position.
Anim Yeboah has shown that he does nit even qualified to be a migistrate let alone a highcourt judge, to be appointed CJ of Ghana.
How could you sleep as a chief Justice when while citizens has been denied their constitutional rights to choose their leader?
And when the same supreme court got the oppotunity to correct the cardinal sin,
Anim Yeboah supreme court chose Politics over the constitution rights of the people.

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ROGUE LAWYER on Jul 2, 17:22