Kwaku Azar, Cudjoe renew fight for SALL residents following crucial meeting with elders

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I shall retunr
2021-07-02 22:10:06
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Your stupidity and ignorance is at play on every article on ghanaweb.
Stay away from what is above your knowledge and understanding.
Under which jurisdiction did SALL voted for presidential election?
If they were made to vote under HoHoe constituency for presidential why should they vote parliamentary in Buem constituency?
How silly are, stay away and let us fight for ourselves, can this happen in Ashanti or Eastern region? Would the Ashantis or Akyems keep quite?
Maintain your stupidity and pettiness among your people, Kweku Azar is a reasonable citizen of Ghana not the useless and inconvenient people in authority.
Shut up, we deserve a right like every Ghanaian.

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I shall retunr on Jul 2, 22:10