How William Ofori-Atta influenced Tsatsu Tsikata into becoming a lawyer

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Comment: Wayman, Willian Ofori-Atta and UP...

2021-07-05 10:48:06
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Wayman, Willian Ofori-Atta and UP were against Ghana's independence.
On 5th March, 1957 they send and Emissary Drs. Kofi Busia to London to tell the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth that the British colonial experiment was not over.
Why did the British decide to abandon us.
It is a fact that doing good for Ghana is not a tribal right that must be given to Akans.
Wayman so all those who fought against British colonization are criminals.
And let me add against British opium wars and discrimination are criminals according to you.
So Mr. Wayman its criminals that don't want to be in thrall of others.

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Kwame on Jul 5, 10:48
Wayman, Willian Ofori-Atta and UP...