Let’s partner to establish more factories in Ghana – COCOBOD CEO to Swiss minister

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Comment: We borrow billions yearly to do nothing

2021-07-12 19:47:28
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Let’s partner to establish more factories in Gha

We have been borrowing billions of dollars every year for our cocoa sector but none has been able to think constructively to create semi produce chocolate which has more economic gains than the beans. We are not thinking yet we pay over 70,000 cedis to a CEO who can not think beyond his nose. Imagine if each year we borrow 1.5 billion dollars to do what? We are wicked people, we hate ourselves. Today swiss company is going to build a factory to export semi produced chocolate to the same international market three times the price they will buy locally and we are happy, celebrating. Such fools and the president cannot see through such. Which exposes his inability to clearly see the future of state enterprise and their contribution to its GDP.

We are lazy thinkers.

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