National Chief Imam loses son

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Comment: See how damned stupid NDC folks are

John Mahama
2021-07-16 04:08:54
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Nigerians are wicked Africans.

Are you entitled to more rights and previleges than other Ghanaians? So NPP people must refund and you hold on to the billions of dollars your party folks stole since 1981? It won't happen. Lordina Mahama must, within the twinkle an eye.
All the double salary thieves, the bulk of cash which went missing from the booth of Okidzetu Ablakwa's car during the Mills tenure of presidency, the billions that John Mahama stole during his tenure in office as vice president to caretaker president to president should all be returned. You bit more than you can chew and you must refund all. There will be massive demo against Lordina Mahama, her husband and all the nation looters greedy bastard NDC members. Thief Mahama wants to lead Ghana again as president, because he thinks Ghanaians have short memories and they will trust his worst self as president, why is he the only person in Ghana? Apuutor, it shan't happen again.

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John Mahama on Jul 16, 2021 04:08
See how damned stupid NDC folks are