Bawumia commended for digital transformation as Ghanaians welcome Ghana.Gov platform

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Comment: How many Ghanaians have Ghana Card?

2021-07-16 19:05:08
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Bawumia commended for digital transformation as Gh

Institutions don't work in Ghana. It should be free to the poor citizens. The rich people should pay for it. Try to find rich and poor people in Ghana, so the rich can pay more taxes to support the poor ones. Only the rich people have Ghana card, because they can afford. The ministers should use their brains to solve problems. Everyone in the country must have a Ghana card with a unique number.
If you have all Ghanaians in the system, then the data system will show the population in the country, individual citizens, and non Ghanaians will be identified as we have in North America, and Europe. The Ghana card will be the same as a social security number for everyone living, and working in Ghana. Ghana card can give us information's off, the total males, females, age groups, employed, unemployed, income earned by individuals. The government can force citizens to prepare yearly income tax like North America, and Europe. Everybody has a social security number for identification, and data purposes. Ghana card can let us know the total population of various individual districts, cities, towns, villages, and cottages, their age groups differences, addresses. The government must force everyone to get Ghana card as soon as possible.

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GPS on Jul 16, 2021 19:05
How many Ghanaians have Ghana Card?