French may become key requirement on job CVs - Prez Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Monsieur Le President pas necessaire

We Are Africans, African Language bes
2021-07-17 12:45:35
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French may become key requirement on job CVs - Pre

His age is a factor he is losing it on every front now
.In Ghana today, journalists, presenters, and student cant express themselves well in English and French. Since they cant express themselves well, they are not able to communicate whatever they want to send across.Ask the same person to say his message in Twi or his local dialect and the person can easily communicate his message. Why dont we throw away this colonial shackles from us and Akan as our local dialet.. It is easier to speak Twi, and to understand Twi than to do the same in Eglish or French
I speak fluently French, English, Spanish, Swedish, Creole, Russian, but these are nothing when I decide to speak Twi I can express myself better in Twi than in all these.I cant understand my brother from Volta region which is about 300 miles from my birthplace in Kwadaso, but can understand the colonial master in far away Paris some 6000 miles. This is foolishness. Lets learn our own language. If all our books are in Twi language there will be more science students in Ghana. We can understand science subjects in Twi better than in English. Do the Chinese, Japanese, Germans etc study science and other subjects in foregn languages No. They study courses in their local Japanese Chinese languages Thats why they are smarter than us. Mr president stop that colonial mentality and lets develop our our language for better Ghana

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We Are Africans, African Language bes on Jul 17, 2021 12:45
Monsieur Le President pas necessaire