French may become key requirement on job CVs - Prez Akufo-Addo

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Comment: We are just illiterate.

Koo Nimo
2021-07-17 14:17:08
Comment to:
Nonsense! Nonsense!! and Nonsense!!!

You are rather stupid. No doubt Ghanaians cannot compete with Senegalese for UN jobs. Learning French improves our English because English was born out of French. Most of use are just ignorant about your comments and it demonstrates our pathetic Ghanaians are. Living in the heart of French speakers should have encouraged us to learn the language so we can move freely among our countries. Go to Cöte d'Ivoire and you will be sorry for not learning French.
Be wise and listen to the President because this is one of the avenues to be competitive for international job offers.

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Koo Nimo on Jul 17, 2021 14:17