FULL TEXT: Alan Kyerematen's statement before Parliament on 1D1F initiative

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Comment: What a spectacular failure AGAIN!!!

Concerned Ghanaian
2021-07-24 07:11:45
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FULL TEXT: Alan Kyerematen's statement before Parl

Bottom line this initiative is failing on 2 fronts, firstly they have mobilised loans of nearly 3 billion cedis and thus far only created 150,000 jobs, btw they don’t break this number down as how many are direct and indirect jobs. Secondly, one of the aims of this policy initiative was to decongest from the main cities and create jobs in the regions, yet looking at the table in this write up the top 3 regions are, you guessed it, Greater Accra, Eastern and Ashanti regions. When will Ghanaians learn, we don’t know how to operationalise from taking a set of policy initiatives in a presentation format to real life activities. 5 years down the line what have the youth gained from such a flawed initiative yet instead of government halting and then having this initiative audited to understand if it represents good value for money, these knuckleheads are blindly pushing on. Ghana needs proper youthful leadership not these old stalwarts like Akuffo Addo, Mr Alan K whom are past their sell by date. This 1D1F policy is a failure….

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Concerned Ghanaian on Jul 24, 2021 07:11
What a spectacular failure AGAIN!!!