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2021-07-24 21:13:28
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Govt must create safe environment for journalists

Akufo Addo, you don't know good management and proper economics, that is why you and the NPP government keep worrying IMF, World Bank, and other developed countries for loans every moment you need money.The way you spend Ghanaian taxpayers' money, do you think your creditors would have been able to save big money and loan you their money? It is time you tell Akufo Addo to cut spending and develop strategies to save money for Ghana if you love your country, but your personal & partisan interests will make this objective difficult to achieve.For instance, we can create a construction company here in Ghana, hire our enginners and few foreign engineers with road construction and building technonolgy experience , to construct all roads and high rise buildings in Ghana at a cosr far less than what you would have spent when you hired foreign contractors.You are not thinking deep, or you and your finance minister Ofori Atta may have your personal interests that supersede Ghanaian interest, and until you and Akufo Addo changed your mentality, you & Akufo Addo and future presidents would continue to worry IMF , World Bank, and other multilateral agencies for loans to finance any project in Ghana.Please stop the stupidity now and think deep for the rapid development of Ghana.Remember, we can save more money with prudent measures and policies.Also, try to invite Ghanaians with good ideas about innovation and alternative ways of solving our needs as a country, and the best ways to save more money while constructing and building the roads and buildings we need as a country

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Abokobi on Jul 24, 2021 21:13
Re: Govt must create safe environment for journali