Court stops government from collecting mobile phone subscribers’ personal data

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2021-07-24 18:52:28
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We shd go to where, Europe? are you ok? you don't even understand whats at stake eeh....whenever you activate a sim anywhere in the world, you are required by law to register your personal details as the owner of the number....same as before the advent of mobile phones (land lines where registered too). that ends the contract btw you the subscriber and the telco...finito! why on earth can any gov demand anybody's data-when,where,what,which,how, etc of all your communications anywhere from Ghana and to anyplace; including voice,video,sms,txt, etc ....govs are not our gods to have any communication data on us...except the individual (s) has committed a crime and the data will assist the prosecuting authorities in the case...then and only then they request an ORDER from the COURT with EVIDENCE for such release by the telco. if this is not done, then rascals in gov can take over even any person they don't like private company business for instance. just by having access to your telco data....they get all your supplier channels, distribution, ...they get to know your vulnerabilities etc ....what the f are you thinking, that gov shd be allowed unfettered access to people's data. the judgement is the right one. any other will be recipe for the country being a dictatorship. shame on you for supporting the gov taking over our private data. you cannot stop crimes just by having people's data. you reduce crime by being selfless and providing more jobs and opportunities for people...not useless taxing and jokery. in europe nobody's private comm data is taken without a court order-facts!in europe with covid and business stagnation, citizens are been assisted with lots of incentives...less tax, increased benefits etc...so what are u talking about.

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drill on Jul 24, 2021 18:52