SP vetting: Not even an angel can stop corruption alone - Kwesi Pratt

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Comment: Re: Akwasi Peter

2021-07-24 22:40:04
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Akwasi Peter

He's a loudmouth hypocrite now doing everything to get to Nana Addo, when the going is getting tough after Mahama's failed bid.

This guy erected a platform and lied in every way against the founder of the party JJR just because Mahama allowed those irresponsible and uncultivated kids to abuse Rawlings as they so wished.

He now knows no one can fight corruption alone? And Jerry could have done it alone right? When we don't like people, we undermine them instead of converging out minds to grasp the essence in someone's objective policies. Jerry came at a hard time and tried. He just needed support and never had it. Instead he would be insulted and lied about. We missed the military era when we could have turned this country around.

That chance might never come again.

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Jasmine on Jul 24, 2021 22:40