‘They can go to hell’ – NDC MP slams pro-LGBTQ+ diplomats

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Comment: Theory of knowledge of truth & falsehood

2021-07-29 10:08:53
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‘They can go to hell’ – NDC MP slams pro-LGB

For lack of knowledge, my people perish says the bible.
As cognitive beings, we live in large sea of unjustified core believes including noble ones which can be true or false.
But, how do we evaluate the truth of our core believes including our personal ideological baises.
We measure and scrutinize our culture, traditions and core believes against global standards to see their validity in the face of truths and falsehood.
This man does not know and understand global politics, international law, world treaties and conventions.
He is raw and unrefined, a brute and needs in-service training.
His atttack on deplomats shows his ignorance and how shollow his mind is.
He should go back to the beginning of civilization and learn how humanity has evolved and advanced in areas of individual freedoms, the equal rights of all people, the uselessness of coercion and the justification of our alterances and actions and retributions in breach.
He should do a proper evaluation of himself and know that he is ignorant of so many things going on in this world than to make foolish hurting utterance.

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Jack on Jul 29, 2021 10:08
Theory of knowledge of truth & falsehood