One dead in a fatal motor accident on Achimota-Ofankor highway

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Comment: Youth

2021-07-29 17:02:55
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One dead in a fatal motor accident on Achimota-Ofa

Why does 100 are more youth have any right to beat up police and attempt to attack a hospital's staff? Who is teaching these juvenile delinquents to be civilized? The parents are failing. I understand that the police are suspect to bad operations but that's adult matters... Youths brains aren't even developed enough to make reasonable decisions yet. Wow Ghana.. and riding an unregistered bike is asking for trouble...the police was suppose to stop the guy. He lost his life running. Sorry but it his fault no the police. If you own a bike and can not afford the paperwork inform your clients that you need funds to deliver legally.

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THEREALTRUTH on Jul 29, 2021 17:02