Bernhard Lippert blasts Ghanaian coaches for not helping with information

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Comment: Illiterates and semi-illiterates

Agyaaku USA
2021-07-30 01:32:32
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Bernhard Lippert blasts Ghanaian coaches for not h

Most of them are semi-illiterates so you can’t get much from them on paper. Do personal interviews even some with interpreters to achieve something. The Ghana system is either you choose sports and dump education or choose education and forget sports. That is why we’re not making headway in current international competitions. We need a change.. We need to send our talented youth in sports to universities abroad for proper development and we will do wonders in all sporting areas. How far can an illiterate coach go?

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Agyaaku USA on Jul 30, 2021 01:32
Illiterates and semi-illiterates