Ghanaians in the UK hail Nana Addo's administration

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Comment: Re: Ghanaians in the UK hail Nana Addo's administr

2021-07-30 15:51:31
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Ghanaians in the UK hail Nana Addo's administratio

I wonder what would have been Akufo-Addo's legacies if the former government did not build the schools for him to be able to implement the free SHS? or he's built some schools and hospitals which am not aware of? I only know he stole caterpillars and Bulldozers and excavators, or is lies and fake news? I also heard he likes bathing in the skies with the free poor Ghanaians taxpayers monies he's protecting while the poor Ghanians taxpayers children are still learning under tree's, and hospitals still have no bed's and medications, and the bad roads still killing people, and light still going off, and for borrowing he's now the world champion, and he's still searching for machines that could dig the money we're sitting on, the Chinese and the western countries cannot manufacture those machines yet, useless hypocrites liar's criminals politicians, you gathered your children and families and friends you smuggled outside to enjoy the benefits of good leadership's of others to praise you for stealing and cheating the poor Ghanians taxpayers, if your policies are good and bearing fruits what are they still doing there?

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Mas on Jul 30, 2021 15:51
Re: Ghanaians in the UK hail Nana Addo's administr