Ghanaians need bread and butter, not fiscal policies – Murtala

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Comment: Bread and butter- murtala

Frank US
2021-07-30 14:45:52
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Ghanaians need bread and butter, not fiscal polici

Mr Murtala in your own father's house, where you grew up was there any tree bearing bread and butter? You NDC parliamentarians talk as if during your eight years of your governance Ghana was heaven. Remember if you have forgotten, your eight years of dumsor, unemployed graduate associations, collapsing industries, poor roads net work, poor health situation and above all there were some school in the Northern Regions which were not getting feeding grands from your wicked and criminal Mahama led government. Let me tell you that there's no bread and butter throughout the whole world unless you work very hard. Because of your bad governance that created loot and share, beside that there's no bread and anywhere.

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Frank US on Jul 30, 2021 14:45