Stop intimidating travellers who doubt their coronavirus status after KIA testing – Minority

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Comment: Rogue Lawyer

2021-07-30 14:42:24
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stop the criminals from the rip off

I sincerely thank the Minister who has added his voice to this injustices thing going on at Ghana Airport. The question again is if someone has the COVID 19 negative test results within the 72 hours mandated and accepted in all the international airports around the world, or have been vaccinated and holds the COVID 19 negative Test certificate, why such passenger has to be subjected to another testing at arrival in Ghana. I recently returned from Ghana to Kennedy Airport in New York. I had my 72 negative COVID test in Ghana before arriving at Kennedy airport. Listen, there was no other test done at Kennedy airport on arrival. The 72 hour negative test done in Ghana says that I do not have COVID to enter America. Why this protocol not followed in Ghana because everyone travelling has to have a 72 hour test to be allowed to board a plane world wide. Whatever is going on at KIA is a way for the Government of Ghana to exploit traveler or make money off this virus. Its so sad.

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kofi on Jul 30, 2021 14:42