Stop intimidating travellers who doubt their coronavirus status after KIA testing – Minority

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Comment: Ghanaian Observer

2021-07-30 15:38:01
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Re: stop the criminals from the rip off

This guy is a villager. I don't think he has ever travelled outside Ghana. The issue is, people that travel from abroad to Ghana do not enter Ghana with COVID. Such travelers are well test from accredited labs and their result are certified to be truth. Any passenger allowed to board a plane from America, Germany or Italy to Ghana does not have COVID. COVID is Ghana and a lot of people has it without knowing they are infected. There no free accessible clinics for people to go and test. More than half of the population of Ghana hasn't been vaccinated. People are not wearing mask, social distancing is no more. But all the above mentioned lapses, are enforced in countries that people who arrive daily at Ghana Airport. So tell me who has COVID.

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kofi on Jul 30, 2021 15:38