Scam alert: My daughter does not have Facebook, Instagram accounts – Mahama

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Comment: wakeup Ghanaian youth !!

2021-07-31 10:16:10
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Re: Scam alert: My daughter does not have Facebook

The npp is not a political party anymore. It has retrogressed and metamorphosed into facetious of vampiresexuals, thieving gangsters, barbarians,uggish hoodlums, snake-tongued liars, kidnappers, terrorists, mercenaries, coup plotters, anarchists, wife and husband snatchers, hardcore whore, prostitute, arsonists, wee-smokers, insane scoundrels, tribal insurgents, highway robbers, suicide bomber , child molesters
and nation-wrecking bandits.
led by disgraceful Akufo Addo and his wicked wife.

as for samira bawumia, all that she know is buying lipsticks, makeup and trying hard to seduce people boyfriends and husbands.
Ghanaians are calling on international communities to help rescue Ghana from these vampires!!!!!

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REBECCA on Jul 31, 2021 10:16