Christian Council ready to participate in anti-LGBTQ+ consultative process

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Comment: This is Babylon culture

2021-07-31 20:24:57
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Christian Council ready to participate in anti-LGB

Babylon's system is a vampire sucking the blood of the sufferings. Why they always dump evil, sickness into Africa? Africa needs science, technologies, and developments NOT LGBTQ. Why these wicked Babylonians don't provide jobs, and developments for our youths in Africa? This is evil, dirty filthy practices should not be accepted in our societies, even animals don't do that. Africans must learn the most important good things from the West like science, technologies, developments, good leaderships, creation of jobs for the youths, good sanitation. Never learn evil, filthy things. Jehovah God has given you the Brain to know what is good and bad. Use your brains to choose what will benefit you and your people, Africans.

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