Why Chief Justice's accuser in $5M bribery scandal is facing 9 charges from the GLC

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Comment: Why Chief Justice's accuser in $5M bribe

Nany Fayem
2021-08-01 15:05:19
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Bribery allegation

These accusations and counter accusation between the (Ghana Legal Council)/C.J and Lawyer Afrifa is a big shame on our legal system. How, the whole Chief Justice of the republic being accused of requesting for a bribe to arrange a favorable judgement for a lawyer?

A big embarassment to Ghana's Democracy as the systems that will ensure it proper operation are involved in alleged corruption. Remember Anas Arimiyaw's expose?
I feel ashamed by all the emerging details of this case

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Nany Fayem on Aug 1, 15:05
Why Chief Justice's accuser in $5M bribe