Over GH¢600,000 allocated to 63 'ghost names' at GES, others - Auditor-General report

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Comment: These ghosts don't have Ghana cards?

2021-08-01 19:28:48
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Over GH¢600,000 allocated to 63 'ghost names' at

We need better, proper data system to trace these criminals. The Ghana card with unique numbers can identify these individuals robbing the states. Every born Ghanaian must be entered into the national data. Ghana's government must know every person in the country, apart from undocumented migrants. The government is too slow on Ghana card registrations. Wake up the minister who is in charge, you people are lazy and too slow in action. If you have all Ghanaians in the system, then the data system will show the total population in the country. Every individual in the country will be recognized, citizen, and non-citizen. Ghana card number is registered individuals from birth to death. The government can force citizens to prepare yearly income tax like North America, and Europe. Everybody has a social security number for identification, and data purposes. Ghana card can let us know the total population of various individual districts, cities, towns, villages, and cottages, their age groups differences, addresses. The government must force everyone to get a Ghana card as soon as possible

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GPS on Aug 1, 19:28
These ghosts don't have Ghana cards?