Try sell gayism idea to Saudi Arabia if you have the nerve – Expert to international community

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Comment: foolish talk

2021-08-02 15:25:14
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Try sell gayism idea to Saudi Arabia if you have t

And who told you there are no LGBTS in Saudi Arabia? there is no country without LGBT including Israel and Jerusalem. No one or country pushing anyone to accept anything. Even in USA some states is still illegal. those pushing ar3e full Ghanaians who have no connection with diaspora. No one is paying anyone as guys think. life is by choice, and sex life is private so why try to regulate sex life< when u are all fornicators and adulterers? Sinners judging sinners because they sin differently. You can make ur laws but the wont change anything, nothing will be lost or gained. Unless you make laws to stop two men or women from entering a room or living together. if am living with my partner how will ur law arrest me? You are not the people to judge how people live their life's. You all have family members who are gay, they're in every family, tribe religion, I've met Muslims who are LGBTs as well as even pastors. They're very close to you so keep on hating them. The treat you in the hospital, teach r kids at school and prepare ur bed in the hotel. they even designed the national cathedral for God.

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Kofi on Aug 2, 15:25