Sammy Gyamfi blames coronavirus for ‘delaying’ Assin North MP’s Canada renunciation papers

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Comment: Re: Sammy Gyamfi blames coronavirus for ‘delaying’

Josh Bruno
2021-08-06 22:14:06
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Sammy Gyamfi blames coronavirus for ‘delaying’

BALDERDASH coming from Samuel Gyamfi. Does he (Sammy) know that JG Quayson participated in NDC's parliamentary primaries while he was a Canadian in 2015 in Assin North and lost? Why did Quayson wait until he won the primaries in 2019 before he submitted renunciation application? When an officer asked him whether he owed allegiance to any other country other than Ghana? He (Quayson) He said, no; that's perjury. He wasn't candid otherwise the officer would've advised him to hold back his nomination. Until he received the renunciation certificate Quayson didn't have it, and he shouldn't have attempted to join the process. If the executives of NDC knew of his situation and urged him on, then they are accomplices to the crime of perjury. If Quayson was honest he would've withdrawn when his renunciation certificate wasn't ready. The Appeals Court will decide whether Quayson was right or WRONG.

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Josh Bruno on Aug 6, 22:14
Re: Sammy Gyamfi blames coronavirus for ‘delaying’