The 'hidden' photo of Nkrumah you may never have seen

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Comment: Who cares?

2021-08-04 21:02:25
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Nkrumah is the FOUNDER of Ghana

Yes, he is the only founder of Ghana and who cares about that? Will that put food on your table if you did not work towards that?

Let me tell you something PATRIOT and I hope you know it. Look at a country like the US, do you they see George Washington as the only founder of that country? No. Also, his party which was the Federalist did not sideline the rest like Wigs etc but they forged ahead and weaned themselves from the British that that is why they have Founding Fathers.

As people who know the task ahead, they buried their political differences and built a nation that will stand the test of time. What about Ghana? Did our leaders to the same? You see where we are today?

Some of you think that one person should use his ideas to build a nation without thinking about what happens next if....

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Pelicles on Aug 4, 21:02