Kasoa ritual murder: We’ve killed a pregnant woman apart from Ishmael – 15-year-old tells court

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2021-08-16 18:59:34
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On The Brink Of A Disaster

In as much as bad leadership can result to such situations, I totally disagree that it is as a result of bad leadership that has resulted in these boys committing such crime. In the advanced countries where we supposedly have good leadership, there are worse things going on each and every day than this. America is one of the countries with the highest crime rates in the world, committed by both the young and the old. At least one person is stabbed to death on the street of London each and every day. Doesn’t these countries have good leaderships, it all come down to a matter of choice and association by these boys. Are they the only boys living in their neighborhoods, are they the only kids of their parents, why haven’t all the other kids in their neighborhood and family resorted to this way of life. Let’s speak to the substantive issues and stop laying everything at the door step of others, we are responsible for our actions.

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Truth on Aug 16, 2021 18:59
Re: On The Brink Of A Disaster