Kasoa ritual murder: We’ve killed a pregnant woman apart from Ishmael – 15-year-old tells court

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Comment: Ask yourself why the discomfort.

2021-08-16 19:13:34
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Re: Nyarko and Kani

Are you pretending that, had those useless and worthless akan murderers been Eves, this comments section would be only 26 comments full? Don't be silly, and get the hell out of my face. Such stupidity. You couldn't ask a sensible question. You people don't know that your unprovoked attacks on Eves is the reason why this disgrace is happening to you. Denkyira boase wasn't enough for akans so now kasoa. Such primitivity whereby human beings use cement blocks to smash the head of fellow humans. Sometimes I wonder how and why akans were created. Heramonameyie. Menyemie korde nume nawo. Gbemela.

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Ewvevi on Aug 16, 2021 19:13
Ask yourself why the discomfort.