Kasoa ritual murder: We’ve killed a pregnant woman apart from Ishmael – 15-year-old tells court

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Comment: beginning of the end

2021-08-16 19:31:21
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Kasoa ritual murder: We’ve killed a pregnant wom

This is the price of a poor education system and lack of enlightenment. That is only half the truth. The political system unabashedly enriches itself with the public's money and wastes it in an outrageous manner. The useless lockdown has further weakened the economy and increased unemployment. All this is happening to two young people who are constantly hungry at their age and lack the money to take for granted. The fairy tales and legends of the elderly come in handy. Superstition, naivety and the dream of a better life led to these sinister deeds. The country is now crying out for revenge without thinking about the manifold causes and how to combat them. If the balancing act between tradition and modernity is not successful, this is only the beginning.

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Yaw on Aug 16, 2021 19:31