Kasoa ritual murder: We’ve killed a pregnant woman apart from Ishmael – 15-year-old tells court

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Comment: Foolish 7th class citizen

2021-08-16 23:10:43
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Re: Nyarko and Kani

Your 7th class citizenship was why an Eve JJ Rawlings made somtin calling himself oyokoba okumkom akwasi agyeman carry shit in kumasi. Where is it stated that those barbaric fiends are from Oti region? And even if it is Oti, was it not because of the usual akan hatred and envy of the Eves that another filthy certificateless lawyer of an akan masterminded their separation from Volta? And which Eve CARES? Korshiiia. Gbemela, eblume yakame. A nd since when did Otis become Eves with akan names? Any body with an akan name from the Volta or Oti region can trace his/her origin to akan ancestry. THey akans have become eves and not eves becoming akans. You dont know this because YOU LIVE IN THE FOREST AND ARE VERY FAR FROM CIVILISATION. Gbemela phe vidzidzi. Eblume yakame. Menyemie korde nume nawo. aaaaavu. Maaaamawo.

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Ewvevi on Aug 16, 2021 23:10