Why are you doing this to me, my friend? - Harrowing account of how Kasoa boys murdered their friend

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Comment: So You're One of Those?

Kwame Twumasi-Fofie
2021-08-18 11:51:27
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Yes, indeed, killing them will not bring back the life of that cute boy. But then tell me which punishment at all in this world will bring back any lost life? Imprisonment, corporal punishment or communal labour? Please tell me: should any criminal ever be punished at all? In short, in your view, should these boys or any murderers for that matter, ever be arrested and tried since their trial and eventual conviction isn't going to bring back any lost life? Stop it please!

Note that if for nothing at all, at least eliminating them from society by whichever means makes other innocent people safer.

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Kwame Twumasi-Fofie on Aug 18, 2021 11:51