Bawumia, three ministers were key to suspension of UTAG strike - Prof Gyampo reveals

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Comment: Hypocrite

2021-08-23 07:15:35
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Foolish government

Professor Gyampo, l am beginning to think that you have an agenda to support NPP and Bawumia win 2024 elections. That's why you have been praising BAWUMIA. Where was he for the past four years his government assumed power and UTAG has been negotiating and not getting results?
Please Gyampo stop your unnecessary praises. Nobody in UTAG has asked you to do that. He doesn't deserve any praise. You appear to be a treacherous utag member. If know one has seen your attempt to project Bawumia some of us have seen that and we are watching closely.

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Evans on Aug 23, 2021 07:15