Bawumia, three ministers were key to suspension of UTAG strike - Prof Gyampo reveals

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Comment: Uneducated unionism

2021-08-23 08:11:28
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Bawumia, three ministers were key to suspension of

UTAG as aUnion is a joke! It’s leadership ranks are full of uneducated pathological narcissists calling themselves unionists?? The pay increase they seek , most of its members will waste it on their stomachs and the crouches of young girls. 4 years from now they will be back again because inflation and the wasteful lifestyles have negated the gains ( smiles). Belligerent and adversarial unionism are history , yet these so call educated think industrial action power is still relevant? Non strategic leaders! They should get this: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming to shrink their ranks to only the meritorious! The focus of their unionism should be accumulating transferable pension rights and legacy such that when the AI sunami arrives they can have something for old age. Prof. Gyampo has manifested in his FB post that he is uneducated unionist. Their union should learn from the Scandinavian cooperative unionism and seek the long term interest of their membership instead of higher wages.

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Adwene on Aug 23, 2021 08:11