We’ll deal with misguided separatists in Volta, Oti regions - 66 Artillery Regiment

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Old Soldier.
2021-08-27 04:22:26
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We’ll deal with misguided separatists in Volta,

You would have made a little bit of sense if you had taken the opportunity to tell Akufo Addo to stop the persecution of the people of the Volta region, instead of that empty threat. You should have equally find out why Akufo Addo is refusing to supply the people of the Volta region their share of the covid vaccines. Your empty threat will not prevent the good people of the region from doing what is right for them. You're already a failure if that is the evil agenda for which you are being put there. Perhaps you have just returned from Jupiter. Try the harassment and see! Some of you people think being in possession of weapons can hundred percent protect you. Absolute nonsense. A coward soldier you must be.

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Old Soldier. on Aug 27, 2021 04:22