We’ll deal with misguided separatists in Volta, Oti regions - 66 Artillery Regiment

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Comment: Hey Eddie

2021-08-27 08:23:31
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We’ll deal with misguided separatists in Volta,

You sit there and act on the stupid orders of your useless akan npp masters. We've seen it all. People have been there and even much much further. Think about your parents, wife, and children. The armed forces of today isn't what it was in the glorious 80s and 90s when morale was high. Brave officers have come and gone. Some were "martyred" on yogaga in Monrovia, Lome, operation gong gong in the konkonba war where a whole pinzgauer was swallowed by the earth and officers and men were dealt with fatally. My little broda Eddie, be wise. Prince Yomi Johnson didn't have more arms than ecomog but what happened? The konkonba warriors only had
bows and arrows but what happened? Be wise, young man. I'm not a soldier but I can school you on ghana armed forces. The armed forces of ghana can be overran by one single commando. If you like say fi. Let me give one clue: you and I know that when ghana soldiers are on guard duty, they are not combat alert, rather, they only have the "duty" approach. Tell me!! What strategy do you as an armed forces have against done attacks? When I see those so called assault units personnel dressed like cobras, I just laugh. Even this funny dressing wasn't seen in those serious days of Richter addo, BF kusi, adjei boadi, Quarshigah, nyande, Kaku Korsa, partingtin, Gbevlo lartey, Amedeka of one man one matchet etc. And oh boy, these were men those days: action men to be precise, and the kids loved to discuss them in the barracks those days. What can you do with your cowardly Ken Agyepong delta force recruits? Any way, I hope you've learned to speak some evegbe. Add some sensible language like Eve to your dry twi. You're a good looking man. Don't let certificateless akuffo addo destroy your glorious career. Protect yourself. Be wise.

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Ewvevi on Aug 27, 2021 08:23