Western Togoland: Court to rule on bail applications today

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Comment: Re: Western Togoland: Court to rule on bail applic

2021-09-03 10:23:46
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Re: Western Togoland: Court to rule on bail applic

Don't you trokosis get tired of empty threats? "We will resist the creation of Oti Region with our blood": you threatened. "There will be tribal war if Oti Region is created". Well, Oti is over a year old. Where is the blood you shed in resistance to its creation, apart from the innocent chickens that some demented voodoo practising trokosis slaughtered by the riverside? And now another empty threat: "Just jail one person and we will unleash hell in this country". You think war is a tea party? Do you advocates of war, ever think of your innocent folks, who will suffer after you seek refuge in Togo? You aliens do not know how weak, powerless and vulnerable you are in this country: otherwise you wouldn't be making so much noise, and always threatening war in Ghana. If you want war, go and fight the Eyadema dynasty that has been in power for generations in your country, Togo. As our elders say: the weak is always spoiling for a fight, but the strong and powerful is patient, and endures the petulance of the weak with bemused stoicism.

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