Family connection between Akufo-Addo and Rawlings revealed

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2021-09-14 05:11:20
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who is this idiot

@Dotse, smart one, can you explain why we have Asikuma in both Volta and central regions? And Peki in both Ashanti and Volta? And Besease, Kutunase, Bremsn , Agona in the central region? Why do most Gas have Akan names? And why are some chiefs in the Volta and Tongu refered to as Nana instead of Togbe? And can you explain why linguistically the Gonja/chrepone ( Guan) language cuts a large swath across the territory Ghana? We are all a mix bag of blood relatives. The tapestry ( Kente) is beautiful. We should stop highlighting deferences . We are Abiniman. Blacks nation!

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