Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ team while appealing his admission

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Comment: Dandridge

2021-09-16 03:35:51
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Re: Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ te

Am asking you a very sensible question which demands for a sensible response devoid of insults,your first class school,they let students cut their hair not just for cutting sake but with the aim that it will instill discipline in them right? high schools in the US,UK, Canada etc allow students to be in any hair style that they so chooses to have right?If Achimota produces lawyers,politicians,judges, journalists and School for advanced studies,which is a high school in Florida USA(The fifth best high school in the US-2021),also produces,lawyers, politicians,judges, journalists etc products from Achimota and the products from the School for advanced studies,which of them are they likely to be thieves, corrupt and nation wreckers?After answering this sincerely and honestly,you should know,that life isn't about what you think but it is practical,If what you do don't yield positive results and you keep on doing it,you are just mad.

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Memphis on Sep 16, 2021 03:35