Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ team while appealing his admission

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2021-09-16 15:15:39
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Because you are a shallow thinker,sl I knew u wouldn't get my point,Ghana has made it students cut their hair since time in memorial,but your so called elite are thieves and corrupt,judges caught on tape taken goat as bribe to set and unleash criminals free back on the citizens,some attended your best schools including Achimota,it's directly the opposite in the USA,so what good results are you getting from forcing your people to cut their hair??If they will become presidents but are still indisciplined and corrupt?Lawyers but corrupt, politicians but thieves and corrupt?Or Dandridge you won't accept it that your GFA, politicians,judges, journalist, politicians, immigration and even police are thieves and corrupt?So if you still don't get it that the hair cutting isn't yeilding any profit,then you are slow,Can you say same about those who allow anything?So Ghanaian students and American students,who are practically indisciplined??

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Memphis on Sep 16, 2021 15:15