Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ team while appealing his admission

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2021-09-16 15:29:37
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Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ team w

AG department is being influenced by big shot politicians who are past Motowners. What do they mean by what achimota school is seeking against these boys is not infringing on their rights? It is. These are smart children who have a right to go to any school in Gh as long as they have made the grades and have no past criminal record proving they are dangerous. These children even have better grades than children of some past alumni who did'cinnection' to get their kids into that school when they did not qualify to be there .
This nonsense has to stop. Why harassing and disturbing the psychology of these children who because of the religion they were raised in have to wear their hair like this. The hair is neat,not smelly and with no lice. And as we all see,other children are comfortable schooling with them. What is achimota teaching it's children? To look down on others cos they look different cos of their religious beliefs? What happens when a himota trainer children grow up into adults and realise their supervisor at work is rastafarian,or the boss assigned to them is rastafarian or the work colleague they've been teamed up with or paired with is rastafarian? Achimota school,stop the hate,and exchange it with love. Teach your children & prepare them that in the real world,there are people of varying backgrounds who should be basically treated as human beings just as your family members.

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Deedee on Sep 16, 2021 15:29
Re: Achimota School lists rasta student in NSMQ te