How John Mahama consoled Owusu Bempah's wife in Kumasi

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2021-09-17 11:23:37
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Re: How John Mahama consoled Owusu Bempah's wife i

First of all, which Owusu Bempah's wife was M.j Mahama talking about? Owusu Bempah is not married so which wife?

Secondly Mahama who does not employ his brains before writing a check to his mouth said he will never touch a mbv an of God. Do we as Ghanaians need such an airhead to be President of Ghana?

Is he going to swear on the constitution that he will perform his job as President without any favors to others? Where in the constitution does it states that if a Pastor, Reverend or Priphets commits a crime they are not to be arrested?

So is Mahama telling us if he becomes a President and a man of God kills somebody he will not arrest such person? Is Mahama alright? Is his screws screwed on tightly or the quest for power has dulled his brains?

Am I supposed to excuse him because he was drunk when he said that?

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