The various methods Menzgold customers have used to retrieve their locked-up funds

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Comment: Menzgold Thief NAM 1

Nene 1
2021-09-19 04:56:12
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The various methods Menzgold customers have used t

Menzgold saga
Does it mean everyone who saved with this Thiefing company Menzgold is so stupid and so daft not to know that their supposed locked up funds have been stolen and squandered by NAM 1. He operated a Ponzi. He should be in jail for stealing 220million from the public. It is only in lawless Ghana that Ponzi operators walk free, to scam more people . The SEC does not have your money. Govt. will also not pay you back. Your money is gone. He bought plane fior 21million , he spent all your money. Go and seize his house /s and sell them to pay yourselves back. Take the criminal NAM 1 to Court and see if you will win and get some of your stolen money back. I think you have very bad lawyers including that pretty face young woman. Your monies are gone finished by that Thief NAM l. He fly first class around the world He used all your money. Please sue him . Got. have failed to jail him in lawless Ghana. He is the biggest crook in Ghana, please go after him not government.

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Nene 1 on Sep 19, 2021 04:56