Africa needs effective functioning of RECs to achieve desired outcomes of AfCFTA - Bawumia

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2021-09-21 18:47:28
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Africa needs effective functioning of RECs to achi

Without even going too much back into time, since Ghana gained independence or perhaps since the year 2000 - How many times has it snowed in Ghana? How many times has huge ice blocks and blood rain fallen from the skies everywhere in Ghana or Africa? Ghana’s temperature since independence has always steadily been the same, it hasn’t gone below 15 degrees neither has it gone above 70 degrees. Ghana has always had rainy seasons and harmattan seasons so WHERE IS THE CLIMATE CHANGE? Sometimes the seasons are prolonged and sometimes the seasons are shortened, it does not mean there is something wrong. The CREATOR created the earth with dynamics for us to be able to survive. Why do you think the Western nations changes the time when the sun stays longer in the summer? It is the same day but they change the time why? The reason behind is a capitalistic mentality to push and control people to work more and nothing else. These greedy and capitalistic agendas are the reasons why there are so many mental problems in the WEST. Besides, only white people like laying in the sun to enjoy the heat and darkened their skin, so if those same white people turn around to tell you that the temperature is rising, you should be very curious and skeptical and start examining yourself because something is phishing. When a blind man says he is going to stone you based on mockery, you should know that he is either standing on the stone or knows exactly where the stone is.
African youth and journalists, for how long must you continue eating from the crumbs of these greedy Western nations who continue to cheat, exploit, manipulate, corrupt your leaders and sabotage your future every time you make progress? For how long are you going to sit there and watch your leaders continue begging for what is rightfully yours? For how long are you going to keep on trusting these greedy and tricky white people (not all white people) who don’t care at all about your future but the future of their own white children? It is about time African youth and journalists start doing research and using their energies to rather fight foreign companies and corrupt Western nations to demand JUSTICE instead of fighting their leaders. If African leaders are too old and weak and afraid to stand up for Africa, you the youth of Africa can stand up and fight for your future before its’ too late. The capitalistic climate change agenda under the disguise of social sustainability is a serious THREAT to your future and this is the time to stand up for Africa to EXIT the corrupt United Nations and all those stupid international organizations, because these organizations are where the Western nations push their fake scientific, tricky and sabotage agendas in the name of good and unity. It is all a lie when you hear them talking and making noise in the United Nations about rich countries helping poorer countries, they don’t care about you for nothing!
If black and brown people in the Western nations are always pushed down with racism and discrimination for equal rights to wealth creation, why on earth do you think these tricky and sabotage bigots would care so much about someone outside their jurisdiction? Wake up African youth and journalists and stand up for Africa to EXIT the corrupt United Nations and all those nonsense international organizations. Look, they first used the EBOLA to weaken African developments and then this PLANDEMIC, so that when all the developing nations are weaken economically, they can strongly push the climate change agenda by putting deadly clauses in developmental loans from international banks. These international institutions where not built for African good, but rather to exploit, police, cheat, sabotage and destroy every African progress. The crude oil is the main reason for this fake climate change agenda because they can predict the prosperity of Africa and developing nations in the future and are doing everything possible to sabotage it - but in the name of YESHUA, all their efforts shall boomerang and go in vain. Since the year 2000 till today, how many developing nations has the so called IMF and the World Bank helped to develop, with all their so called expertise? #AFREXITNOW#

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