It should be Partey time but his talent is being squandered

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Comment: Still The Gunners

2021-09-22 13:27:26
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Re : Partey time is being squandered.

Why anything Arsenal is hated like that. Now that Arsenal finishes below fourth, that place is now revered. When Arsenal wins, the opponent was not good. Even FA Cup (2nd elite cup after premier league in England) is demeaned because Arsenals are record winners. Know that no matter how you run down Arsenal, domestically, it is still the third most elite club in England after Liverpool and Man U. It is our team, we love it no matter what. When Arsenals are robbed by match officials, no one sees it. Do your checks, most fifty, fifty decisions in matches go against Arsenals. After all "Form is temporal, Class is permanent". Please Mr writer, leave Arsenal alone!

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