We'll soon disburse World Bank's $55m hospitality sector grant - Tourism Minister

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The Mask
2021-09-22 21:42:34
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We'll soon disburse World Bank's $55m hospitality

I have lived in Ghana for sometime, and travelled throughout the country. What I am sure of is that the average household in Ghana hasn't got a father, mother, and 1.6 children. Totally ridiculous and ludicrous. There are about 6000 towns in Ghana. In almost all the 6000 towns, you would find at least in each home a father, mother, and at least four children which would bring the average household size to 6. It looks as if the census was successful only in Accra. On this basis, I reject the average household size and the census report.

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The Mask on Sep 22, 2021 21:42