Today in History: UT saved Ofori-Atta’s company from collapse, gave Akufo-Addo loan – Amoabeng

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Comment: Gave loan to AKUFFO ADDO

kwame maboah
2021-09-25 15:18:42
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Today in History: UT saved Ofori-Atta’s company

I think Mr Amoabeng is not being honest with his facts,You establish a bank with the object of granting loans and you are required to operate within rules and regulations and while you did that your business grew and you were awarded titles for your good works,what went wrong?You failed to ask yourself those questions and failed to examine that success is not just an event but a process,you departed from good principles and please don't blame anyone but yourself,did Nana ADDO not pay back the loan,did not you repossess cars and properties of loan defaulters,how did you set up your car sales shop and your Real estate empires? please Nana Addo was elected to fix Ghana not to "promote" businesses of failed businessmen who became greedy.

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kwame maboah on Sep 25, 2021 15:18