Let us learn to forgive – Kwabeba Agyepoong

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2013-07-02 06:24:43
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No, you're wrong.

When the truth and reconciliation began under Kufuor, all those guys in NPP including Kwabena Agyekum still thought Jerry John Rawlings was the mastermind of those horrible killings. I would even dare say the truth and reconciliation had two objectives: 1, to prosecute innocent citizens for crimes they didn't commit, the target of which was Rawlings, then the two Tsikatas; 2, to profit as usual, as in Kufuor's way of doing things, from the funds slated for it.

The truth and reconciliation exposed further the truth and allayed Kwabena's spirit of revenge boiling in him as he came to completely understand the facts were not exactly what they thought it was...

Yeah, we should get over it, but let us not forget what brought about behaviors like that, and mostly let us not repeat stupid politics, lies and hypocrisy. These are what are killing us.

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