You are Having a Laugh - Tsatsu Tsikata

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Comment: hypocrites

2013-07-12 21:36:16
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You are Having a Laugh - Tsatsu Tsikata

Rockson, was it not too long ago that you and your likes were bashing Tsikata for asking repetitive questions based on these same pink sheets? I remember Gloria Akuffo expressing her disgust with how Tsatsu was proceeding. Question is "what is your beef?" if your lead counsel is emulating what his Lecturer (Tsatsu) taught him. Yes , there were instances of error in the election but you cannot in your wildest imagination disenfranchise almost half the electoral votes just so one shorty ass man can be president. Please spare us the comic relief of thinking the petitioners have a case cos they dont. This is a fruitless judicial journey to nowhere, please go and watch shifo and his monkey in the Journey to the west and you will get my point. Better still cross check with GBC to verify if that story ever had an end. Keep wishing bro.

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Divine on Jul 12, 2013 21:36