Re: My wife is a prostitute – MP yells in public

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Comment: Re: ARM ROBBERY

2013-07-27 08:29:26
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In these kind of domestic matters, my personal experience tells me people should not jump to conclusions without knowing what is going on behind the public declarations by the parties involved. Normally everyone will want their story to sound good. I don't think NDC people generally are any good but I don't see the relevance of you trying to make an issue out of it.Obviously if the man simply wants to upgrade, that is not a good thing. But how do you know he is not tied of sharing his wife with other men. Well, only God and a few people will know the truth and you are not one of them. So Mr Rockson, on this occasion I have to disagree with you and asked you to stay out of someone's domestic matter if you cannot be objective.If you want to have a go at the NDC, don't worry, on a daily basis they do something stupid that you can comment on.Just yesterday they were burning things, today who knows what they will do

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Concerned on Jul 27, 2013 08:29